Party Hall

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The Party Hall stands as a beacon of celebration, offering a dynamic space for unforgettable events. Its allure lies in its versatility, welcoming gatherings of all sizes and styles. With its spacious interior, it beckons to host grand galas, intimate soirées, and everything in between. Adorned with elegant décor and equipped with modern amenities, it sets the stage for cherished memories to unfold.

Whether it's a wedding reception, corporate function, or milestone celebration, the Party Hall promises an enchanting atmosphere for every occasion.

The Party Hall is a premier venue equipped to host a variety of events with its spacious and adaptable layout. With a maximum capacity of 300 guests in a cinema-style arrangement, it can accommodate large gatherings effortlessly.

For more intimate affairs, it offers options like round table and classroom-style settings, catering to 200 attendees each. Additionally, the Seminar Room provides a conducive environment for smaller gatherings of up to 40 participants, while the Board Room offers a professional setting for meetings with a capacity of 20 individuals.

State of art meeting ballroom.