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Weight Watcher

Eggs (poached/fried/scrambled), garden salad and buckwheat bread.

Special Breakfast Seasonal

Poached eggs, grilled mushroom, beetroot, tomatoes over buckwheat bread.

Special Breakfast Set

Poached eggs, choice of fish or chicken fillet, grilled mushroom, beetroot, tomatoes over Buckwheat bread with coffee/tea and fresh fruit juice.

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Free range chicken wings marinated with all spices fried and finished our home made basting sauce

Spanish Pinchos

Grilled Marinated free range chicken/Lamb skewers served with red pepper sauce

Tempura Prawns

Japanese style prawns are dusted in corn flour, dipped in tempura batter and then into breadcrumbs and deep-fried until golden and served with greens and tentsuyu dipping sauce

Garlic and Chilli Prawns

Prawns cooked with garlic, chili, and homemade tomato chili sauce served with Meraki buckwheat bread.

Chicken Buckwheat Sandwich Recommended

Chicken breast with Roma tomato, smashed avocado, baby cos lettuce, mixed green, garlic aioli, and basil vinaigrette.

Thali Set

Steamed brown rice, lentil soup, varieties of pickles, papadum, side of salad, seasonal vegetable’s curry and choice of chicken/mutton.

ShabuShabu (Hot Pot) (Chicken/ Mutton) Popular

Japanese style hot pot with the selection of mixed vegetables and selection of chicken or mutton.

Cantonese Style Fried Noodles

Delicious Cantonese style fried noodles with a smooth egg-based sauce with chicken.

Steam Local Fish Fillet

Catch of the day fillet steam with rich ginger paste& select herbs.

Grill local Rainbow Trout

Catch of the day grill or bake in Himalayan salt.

Trancio di Salmon

Grilled Atlantic Salmon served with asparagus / steamed vegetable, baby potatoes and side garden salad and pesto sauce.

Fresh Your Taste Buds


Chocolate Truffle

Ricotta, goat cheese, beetroot and datterini.

Walnut Pecan Pie

Culatello, Spalla Cotta, Mortadella, Culacciona.

Italian Ice Cream

Our selection of fresh oysters, limes.

Butter Cake

Porcini purée, parmesan, basil.

Classic Apple Pie

Apple, butter, cheese, lime juice.

Orchid Martini

Ricotta, radicchio, prosciutto salad, cabernet.

Pineapple Pimms Cup

Gin, blanc. cucumber bitters, roasted pineapple soda.

Lemon Tea

Truffle mash, pepper sauce.

Hot / Ice Latte

Atlantic cod fillet, chips, salad, tartare, lemon.


Espresso, warm/iced water.